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Hi, my name’s Roy Martina. I’m the co-Founder of and Content Manager for Amp It Up Marketing. We specialize in organic lead generation – don’t worry, I’ll cover what that means and what it means for your business soon enough. But I wanted to start off our blog series by discussing what a ‘Google My Business’ is, since it’s one of our favorite ways to help small business owners with a local service area business get more customers.


Google My Business? Local Service Area Business?

So before you read any further, it’s important to know if this information is applicable to your business. Time is money and as a fellow business owner, I know you’ve got a million things on your plate.

What I mean by a ‘local service area business,’ is a business that serves a certain location, as opposed to operating online or across the country.

Some examples: restaurants, bars, bakeries, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, specialty stores, gyms, bowling alleys, landscapers, garden centers, daycares, escape rooms, etc.

If your business relies on attracting customers in your area, then this blog series will be extremely relevant and helpful to you.

If your business operates primarily online and relies on attracting customers via the internet, marketing techniques like SEO, PPC and social media/content marketing are much more relevant to your needs. For more information about SEO, you can read my blog series for, an international digital marketing firm working exclusively in the sustainability sector. 

While some of those marketing techniques are also applicable to local service area businesses, we’ve found that working with a company’s Google My Business property provides the highest long-term ROI.


Ok, so what’s a Google My Business then?

Google My Business, once known as Google Places, is the Google-appointed name for the listings that pop up in Google Maps.

Google My Business Fast Food Results Near Me

Google Maps results for ‘fast food'


On the left, you’ll see a paid advertisement from McDonalds. Paying Google to be placed at the top of the list is known as Pay Per Click (PPC), which I briefly mentioned above. The Arby’s information is the Google My Business listing. Each of these fast food restaurants has one and they are all filled with information like website, hours, phone number, address and more.

Now I have to ask – how many times have you made a decision based on the results of Google Maps? Whether it’s which restaurant to visit, or which doctor, dentist or emergency plumber is nearest, it’s becoming undeniable that some of our decisions are becoming more and more based on this information. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! In my next post, I’ll dive a little deeper into the statistics and just how much opportunity there is out there with a high-ranking Google My Business listing. And I’m not just talking about high search results – your overall review rating and number of reviews are just as important!

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