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Depending on where you are along your own personal Google My Business journey, there are different pieces of advice you need to hear to move forward. So in this blog post, I’ll do my best to briefly cover as many scenarios as I can think of.

Scenario 1: You have no clue what I’m talking about or what a Google My Business is.
This might be the easiest solution! If your business relies on attracting customers within your local area, Google My Business is extremely important to you. In a nutshell, it refers to that listing that comes up in Google Maps results. Read my blog post explaining What Google My Business Is for more information.

Scenario 2: You’ve read the blog posts and want to know how to get started.
Scenario 2a: Your business listing somewhat already exists in Google Maps.
Maybe it only has partial information or incorrect information, but either way, some semblance of your business exists in Google Maps. In this scenario, you would simply click the ‘Own this business?’ button and then follow the instructions (see Scenario 3 for potential complications).

Claiming a Google My Business

Claiming a Google My Business


Scenario 2b: Your business listing doesn’t already exist in Google Maps.
Don’t fear! You can click the ‘I own or manage another business’ button if you visit an unclaimed Google listing, or you can go directly to and click the ‘Manage Now’ button to get started.


Manage a Google My Business


Scenario 3: You’ve attempted to claim your listing before and have run into some issues.
This is definitely the trickiest scenario. If you follow all the instructions, which may require providing photographic evidence of your business’s sign or storefront, things usually go smoothly. But there have also been a fair amount of cases where the process is a bit more of a struggle.

In some cases, your Google My Business listing could have been previously claimed by someone else, whether a competitor, a former marketing agency or a mistake, this can definitely complicate the process. In other cases, we’ve seen situations where Google hasn’t accepted the photo verification for a variety of reasons, some more justified than others.

If your business is experiencing issues claiming your Google My Business listing, I’d recommend scheduling a free consultation with my business partner, Will Kenderdine. He helps navigate these types of situations for a Fortune 500 company with locations across the globe, so he knows a thing or two on the subject.

Scenario 4: Your scenario wasn’t covered in this blog post.
Send me an e-mail ( and I’ll do my best to get you an answer. And maybe even write a blog post about it to help anyone else experiencing something similar.

The Next Steps

Now that you know what to do to get started with your Google My Business listing, you may be asking yourself – ‘This is all well and good, but how do I get my business into the top results where people can see it and I start getting more customers?’

And that, my friend, is the right question to be asking.

In my next post, I’ll start with a few simple tips and tricks you can use to start increasing the rank of your Google My Business listing. And one of them is something you probably would’ve never expected.

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