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The Web Agency's Simple Survival Guide to the Coronavirus


Using the internet to prepare you and your clients to capture more leads, market share and profits in these unprecedented times.

The Web Agency's Simple Survival Guide to the Coronavirus


  1. Spread Good News
  2. Create Value for Your Clients


  1. Share Good News!
  2. Help Clients Position to Capture More Market Share in Preparation for When the Economy Opens Back Up

But Really… How?

Interestingly enough, the two goals actually synergize with each other. First, spreading good news:

There’s an overwhelming amount of buzz and fear mongering in the news about the coronavirus, how the United States didn’t act quick enough, how many deaths there are, how widespread it could become… do your best not to focus on that.

Focus on the Good News!

There’s plenty of it! China is reporting no new cases, the Democrats and the Republicans actually worked together on something, there are over 20 different coronavirus vaccines in development.. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more!

By being a voice of positivity and optimism, you can approach your clients from a different perspective. Share the good news with them! And then ask them what they’re doing to prepare their business to hit the ground running when the doors open back up?

We don’t know exactly when things will get back to normal. It could be weeks, it could be months. But we know it will get back to normal and we all have to be taking steps to be in the best position possible.


What are Your Clients Doing to get Ready?

Without having to hire additional staff, create new services or commit to any retainer or monthly fees on our end, you could offer your clients help positioning themselves to maximize their lead generation efforts in a variety of ways, while making a substantial profit.


White Label Productized Services

Services that can help your clients and boost your profits.


What are White Label Services?

According to the Featured Snippet on Google,
Whitelabel services are managed fulfillment services
where a team from Company A can fulfill work for the clients of Company B.
All of these products and services appear on the outside to be part of Company B,
but behind the scenes, they're offered by Company A.”


This allows your agency to offer services to your clients at a markup
without having to actually hire additional staff to provide these services.

Your company can significantly boost your clients' lead generation capabilities
AND make a substantial profit in the meantime.


To raise a company’s search results rankings, we offer:

  • On-site SEO Recommendation Videos to boost your clients’ online branding efforts and help their website rank higher in search engine results for branded phrases
  • SEO Blogwriting Services to amp up your clients’ organic search traffic through relevant, optimized content, allowing them to attract potential prospects through searches related to their industry
  • Optimized Press Release Campaigns to expand your clients’ exposure, get them recognized as industry experts and increase domain authority through a steady rise of relevant, credible backlinks


To raise a company’s position in the Google Location Pack aka Google Maps or Google My Business, we offer:

  • Google My Business (GmB) Optimization, which includes a full GmB audit and correction recommendations, business directory citations, GmB posts and linking building, and a few other techniques all used to raise the position of a GmB property on relevant map listings
  • Online Reputation Management services to gain more positive reviews on important sites like Google and Facebook to increase your clients’ potential prospects, market share and bottom line by capturing more local search traffic


For more information, feel free to check out our services section or click below to schedule a free 30 minute consultation with one of our SEO experts now.

Scroll Down to Read Good News!

Let's all stay safe, healthy and positive during these unprecedented times.

  • After trending down for almost a month, the stock market started rebounding this week!
  • The Fed lowered the interest rate to 0% and is planning on using unlimited quantitative easing to free up more money for banks and the financial sector
  • The White House issued a $1.5 trillion bailout for Wall Street and Congress just passed a $2 trillion stimulus package for the people and businesses
  • And China has reported no new cases this week!