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More Appointments, More Customers, No Costly Ads

That's right! We specialize in getting your small business more customers through improved rankings and higher review scores in Google Maps. Say goodbye to expensive ad budgets and say hello to more customers.

Want Content for Your Website? Press Releases in the News?

If your website relies on online traffic for sales, let us help you reach your goals with a personalized content plan. Having useful information on your site about your industry like Tips & Tricks and How Tos can attract new customers.

Test Your Google My Business Ranking For Free!

*One per customer. We sell this service at $197 per business audit.


We specialize in a variety of techniques that help bring more traffic to small businesses. If your business relies on customers in your local area, our Google My Business Services are exactly what you need! A higher rank in the search engine results combined with a higher overall review rating is guaranteed to bring in more foot traffic.

Our SEO Services are perfect for companies that benefit from online traffic. Through a combination of content creation, link building and on-site optimization, we can help your site rank higher in Google. For those ready to really Amp It Up, inquire about our Google Drive Stack and Syndication Network Services.

Google My Business Ranking

Get your business ranked higher in the Google Maps results! This will lead to consistently gaining more calls, more appointments, more visits and more customers! All without having to pay Facebook or Google for costly ads!

Optimized Press Release Campaigns

Press Releases can be a great way of gaining exposure and authority in your field! Working with us can get you on sites like, The Daily Herald and The Boston Herald, to name a few, so you can add to that ‘As Featured On' section.

Data Analysis & Insights

Without knowing your data and metrics, it's difficult to make an informed plan to reach your goals. Let us take the stress out and help you analyze and interpret the data you receive from Google Analytics, GMB Insights, Google Search Console and more.

Online Reputation Management

Wouldn't your business benefit from more 5-star reviews? Of course it would! We have a proven system for maximizing positive reviews and minimizing negative ones. Click below to find out more!

SEO Blogwriting

That's right! American writers who will collaborate with you or your team to create informative, helpful, value-based information that can be used by your company to attract more customers through increased social media engagement, organic web traffic and customer nurturing.

SEO Strategy & Services

Let us help you create a clear and achievable web strategy to get your business to the top of the search results rankings in Google Maps, Google or both!

We Know What Works, And What Doesn't.

“There was a personal touch and you tailor-made the programs to what we needed. It did not feel very cookie cutter, which was good. 

You had a team of many people with many expertise areas, so there was a wide knowledge base to draw on. You also made a lot of informative videos that gave us the ability to go back and look at all the information again.

The Google my business optimization was really good for our physical shops and was something that once we learned, it was easy to keep going and maintain. Appreciate your pro-tips and insights!”

-Utama Spice
Ubud, Bali

Keyword Research, On-site SEO, Google my Business Optimization, Blogwriting, Press Release Campaign

“I'll be the first to confess that tech-stuff is beyond me. Listen, I'm so happy that Will and his team have gotten my business onto the first page of Google for so many of those keywords. My phone's ringing more, and nearly half of all of our new customers are now people who found us online!

We get calls pretty much every day now from new customers who said they were searching Google and found us. If I had known this could all happen so quickly, I would have done it years ago!

No more print ads for me! Seeing is believing, and I'm sticking with this online marketing. Will and his team are easy to work with, and they make things happen fast.”

-Heads Up Salon
King of Prussia, PA

Business Citations, Google my Business Optimization 

Answers to Your Questions

What is Google My Business Optimization?

You may know this as “Google Places” or Google Maps” ranking services (which is correct), yet for those who’ve stayed on top of Google’s latest version of the same service, you’ll know they now call it “Google My Business” or “GMB” for short. 

Our Google My Business Optimization allows us to increase the rankings of that “GMB” property for relevant keywords in local search results. That means we work to get that business up in the Google Maps rankings such that the business will appear as one of the listings below the Google Map. 

A picture’s worth a thousand words, right?
If you’d like a 45 second example of this, check out this short & sweet video.

…don’t have 45 seconds to spare? All good. Here’s a clarification just for you:
Have you ever searched Google for ‘food near me’? Those are the ‘Google My Business’ results. And a company’s position on those can be increased with the right tactics.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management is a system that allows companies to gain more positive reviews online. Whether it's Facebook, Google, Yelp, Angie’s List or a more industry-specific website, reviews are becoming increasingly important in the digital age. 

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a system to maximize positive reviews and minimize negative reviews?

Well, there is! 

View our Services page to learn more.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simply put – it means optimizing anything from a single piece of internet content to an entire website to rank well in search results. This content can be a home page, a series of blog posts, a product page, etc.

By targeting a specific keyword or topic that people search for frequently, we can use analytics and keyword-focused copywriting to create content that can compete for the top search results for that keyword over time.

This will allow you to attract more potential leads that are interested in information, products or questions/answers related to the target keyword.

How does SEO work?

When breaking down SEO to its simplest understanding, there are two main components: relevance and authority. 

Search engines want their results to display content that is relevant to what is being searched and from a source that can be trusted (authority). In its most basic form, search engines can judge the relevance of the content (related to the search phrase) by seeing the amount of keywords, their related phrases, their placement in the text and even the images in the content. 

The authority comes from other websites linking to your website or piece of content. These links are called backlinks. Backlinks are important because they show search engines that other websites view the content on your website as worthwhile enough to redistribute. This shows the search engine algorithm that your content is valuable and trustworthy, boosting your rankings.

By targeting a specific keyword or topic that people search for frequently, we can use analytics and keyword-focused copywriting to create content that can compete for the top search results for that keyword over time.

This will allow you to attract more potential leads that are interested in information, products or questions/answers related to the target keyword.

How do I get results quickly?

Our productized SEO services are here to help!

SEO copywriting services are perfect for creating relevant content that is focused on reaching the top results in search engines for targeted keywords and topics, while being well-written, engaging, helpful and unique.

Meanwhile, our press release campaigns are a fantastic source of backlinks that drive up your relevance as well as your domain authority. View our latest Press Release Success Report and see how many different websites and online publications posted our last press release!

What other SEO Services do we offer?

In addition to Press Releases and SEO Copywriting Services, we also offer a free Google My Business audit to new customers to see how their website ranks against the competition. After that, we offer Keyword Research and On-Site Optimization Recommendations. These services are meant to improve the search result rankings of one or more keywords on a particular website. For more specifics, click here.

We also offer other services that use the internet to attract more traffic for our clients. These services are Google My Business Optimization and Online Reputation Management.

Which services are right for me?

Get your free Google My Business audit when you schedule a free 30 minute consultation with one of our SEO experts and find out!

About Us

We are a team of digital marketing experts and content writers. If the marketing experts were more creative, they wouldn’t need the writers. And if the writers were more analytical, they wouldn’t need the marketing experts.

But here we all are, living in perfect harmony.

Everyone works on the part of the project they are most passionate about, which allows everyone to do their best work. At the end of the day, we believe that happy, talented people doing what they love create the best products.

Meet the Executive Team

Will Kenderdine

Strategy & Analytics Manager

Companies of all sizes, in all markets and in all regions should have a tailor-made online reputation management strategy. The top competition definitely does.

Read My Story!

It may be hard to imagine, but there was actually a time when I was introverted, shy, and did everything I could to stay away from public speaking. Now look at me: in front of the camera at least four days out of every week creating training videos, running video team meetings, and having Skype sessions with clients!

The turning point happened while I was busily building a career in a Global Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company. You likely already guessed that I was in an online marketing role (and you're right!), and it rapidly drove me into that “utterly sick & tired” place we all get to after we discover we have little or no control over what we do. Have you been there?

Let me explain, that career path handcuffed me to Search Engine Optimization in a highly regulated industry, which proved to be amazingly time consuming. Yeah! As a puzzle-solver, I soon saw that I had one of the world's most challenging puzzles by the tail [if you know what I mean]. Simply stated, I created the process the lawyers needed, the content the brand teams needed, and the SEO magic the search engines needed. I succeeded and launched myself onto the journey I'm on to this very day.

Where many others had failed, I succeeded, and launched myself into an opportunity of a lifetime =-) I grabbed ahold and haven't looked back since!

To be perfectly honest, I couldn't be happier than finding myself working closely with savvy business owners like you to utterly crush the search engines and drive ever-increasing qualified prospects to your clients' sites (or your sites)!

Roy Martina

Content Manager

Our goal is to consistently create content for you and your clients that is engaging, helpful and unique, coupled with a clear and deliberate marketing strategy. That's where the magic happens.

Read My Story!

I think I’ve been writing and working collaboratively in the creative process since about the 3rd grade. After reading a few too many of the Hardy Boys books, a friend and I figured we could step it up from there. Complete with code names, an archenemies and super secret science spy gadgets, our first stories came to life at a young age.

I’m thankful for the gift of working with a friend to create stories and bounce ideas back and forth because it allowed me to learn the benefits and challenges of creating something with someone else early on.

Since then, writing has always been what I wanted to do. But I didn’t know how to convert that passion into a career until stepping into the world of marketing. Before that, I just bounced around a few management positions. Sure, I wasn’t writing stories about kid spies solving mysteries anymore, but through content writing, I discovered a new passion for the creative process.

And then I met Will!

Ever since then, I’ve been writing, editing and proofreading SEO keyword-optimized content. This has been the puzzle that I wake up every morning excited to solve. Now my newest challenge has been guiding others along the road I’m on, and I have to say that it’s just as rewarding as the rest.

So if you’re looking to work with a down-to-earth team that’s patently passionate about what they do, while simultaneously driven, dedicated and goal-oriented, send us an email or schedule a call with the calendly link.